Saturday, June 23, 2007

Stickarena cheat engine hacking

hack name:hp hack

open up ce
open a internet browser and load stick arena
go in a game
go to ce and search for any number inbetween 122881 and 122889 it wont always be the right one but keep trying
double click on the adress then freeze it (dont change it)if u get attked u dont lose any hp

hack name:changing weapons (probably some way of weapon lock in this)

have ce and stick arena open with stick arena attached to ce
go pick up a weapon and search for its value heres the values
keep changing weapons and searching untill u get just 1 or maybe a few then double click and change the number to one of the above to get the weapon ^^

hack name:speed hack

this works better with a hackpack
have ce attached to stick arena click on enable speedhack
change the speed to something like 2.0 and ull be 2ce as fast

hack name:rank hack

go to the lobby and click on ur name
it should say how many kills you have
times the number of kills by ten then search it in ce
go in a game and kill someone (you have to wait for the game to end so it counts)
times the new number by 8 search it
change it to 30000 kills and then ur a higher rank

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